Guiding Light: The True Meaning of Independence

True meaning independence

Today we proudly say that we are a free country, but our behaviour suggests that we are still not free. How? Because we are full of bitterness towards other religions, traditions and always try to suppress the growth of the other, we are tied in shackles of terrorism, false ideologies, corruption, communal violence, and caste distinctions and so on.

We tend to forget that independence is not only living freely but also allowing others to live freely. All this really makes one think that are we really independent? Are we worthy of any praise? Most of us would unitedly agree on this point that that what we have today is not Ram Rajya. In fact, it seems that Ram Rajya is nothing but a mere mirage, for a well-known verse about Ram Rajya says that it is a place or a period where everyone, right from the king down to the most ordinary subject, is righteous and that purity which is the essence of true religion, is visible everywhere. But one finds that in the present India, not character but corruption, not purity but poverty, and not virtues but violence and vandalism are visible everywhere.

Under such a scenario, if we want to have real freedom, we will have to liberate ourselves from the chains of 5 vices viz: Lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment. As long as we have not secured a release from these five well-known enemies, we cannot call ourselves truly independent. So how does one achieve this difficult task of achieving true independence? Such a state of independence, in which all souls feel as liberated from the influence of negative thoughts and sufferings, can be had only through the help and guidance of Supreme Almighty, who alone is eternally above 5 vices.

He teaches mankind Rajyoga which brings purity and peace to the mankind by liberating them from these vices. It is, therefore, high time when people should realise that Supreme Almighty is now preparing them to fight their subtle enemies, hiding within each one. It is for us to participate in this holy war of independence which is neither against any particular cult or community nor against any country but is against our own bad habits, weaknesses, devilish tendencies and bad thoughts.

Let us all take a pledge that we would liberate ourselves from all kinds of negative tendencies work towards the development of India in a true sense and make our country a place full of love, harmony and happiness.

Source:- Free Press Journal

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