Peace within

The different countries of the world can come in harmony, if each individual strives to achieve it with all human beings

For ages, people, communities and countries across the globe have longed for world peace and, in many ways, everyone has been trying to achieve it. Similarly if one looks at the prime message of most religious founders, then it would be very clear that most of them preached about following the path of non-violence and brotherhood. They preached love over hatred, tolerance over dissent. But as time passed, religions lost their original purity and were reduced to rituals. They then began to be associated with their unique practises and customs, rather than their core principles that had universal appeal. As a result, paths that were initially meant to create harmony came to be misused by vested interests for further polarising society.

By the time countries collaborated on a common platform, such as the United Nations, the idea of ‘world peace’ had largely become synonymous with avoiding war and diffusing political tensions. But even that looks tough to achieve today because while heads of state may rally behind world peace at international forums, they continue to stockpile and refine weapons of mass destruction in their backyard. Though initially well-meaning and elevated, most such endeavors have reached nowhere close to their desired aim of peace and harmony. As a result, today we live in a world of pieces fragmented by geography, ideologies, disagreements and discord. And, in the absence of any major bridges of values, the rule of the jungle has taken over. When groups or nations come together today in an attempt to reconcile or to collaborate, it is still an arrangement, a deal to make things temporarily cordial between otherwise separate and differing parties. World peace is thus an aim far higher, and cannot be achieved with such narrow-mindedness.

Hence every nation in the world should realise that world peace cannot be achieved unless we stand on a common base and join hands as one and not separate people. That one common point is our spiritual identity. As spiritual beings and children of one, we belong to the same spiritual family. All of our souls are unique while our spiritual core —comprising the qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness and truth — is the same. If we use our common roots as the foundation of all our endeavors, it will bring harmony to the world. This is the only way out.

Our progress on this journey is always upward and closer together. This is the only route on which the differences we acquire through our bodily costumes — of gender, nationality, religion, colour, class — do not stand in the way. The awareness, belief and loyalty to this common ground, the relationship to our common Supreme Parent, and the feeling of belongingness to our larger spiritual family is the only means to harmonise our thoughts and create oneness in the world. Also, when we forge a link of love with the Supreme, as souls, which means we connect our mind to Him in the awareness of His true identity and ours, we draw abundant purity, peace, power and love. This calms us down and we become more patient and kinder and also inspire others around us to be so. Remember! Universal peace is the total of the vibrations of people who are at peace with themselves and others. When the collective energy of a critical number of souls in the world reaches a high degree of peace, purity and spiritual love, universal peace will be achieved simply. That will pave the path for the coming new world order where ‘right’ would not just be ‘right, but would become ‘might.

Source:- Daily Pioneer

Author:- BK Nikunj

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