Calming the storm through keeping mind peaceful

Calming the Storm: Navigating Anger through Faith

Patience Please!

“Here I am writing you letters of warning and there seems to be no effect on you” she yelled at the top of her voice. “This is nothing compared to what Brahma Baba was put through. He didn’t fledge, why should I?” the thoughts appeared on the front screen of the mind. Regular and persistent practice of Godly study and the belief that I am God’s favorite student, the apple of His eye, kept me calm, knowing and believing that nothing was wrong in officially refusing to follow unethical strategies to achieve business goals. No matter who or what situation may seemingly be moving in directions opposite to where I am headed. All that matters are Faith that “He will row my boat across if I choose to stay connected and combined.”

Godly study shows me varied kaleidoscope colorful perspectives that everyone is right from where they’re coming and doesn’t this sound too good to believe? But only when the connection began to be established, that I am a child of God and that He is bound to come through if I do my bit of effort in the study. By now I have fallen in love with, that the mind slowly but steadily begins to digest – divinity.

Having read about the life of Brahma Baba it struck me what he shared, “ those who published irrelevant inappropriate information misrepresenting him are in fact to be thanked” Why? Because they went through the time and effort and put in the money to print articles about Brahma Baba, ignorant of the fact that they had no control about how defamatory articles can be interpreted.

Not 100% of people believe in misrepresentations. People who write in newspapers can go so far as to write and get it printed but beyond that……. that is as far as it goes, isn’t it? God’s reach is boundless. Man’s reach is narrow and limited.

Steering our thoughts back to the cabin where the team leader was giving me a big shout because I had taken a stand which wasn’t in line with her ambitious ideas to climb the illusive professional ladder, spirituality had soaked into me more than I had imagined. My lips kept sealed – those who yell are in pain, emotional pain, like patients in critical care. They’re yelling because they are hurt inside. I need not yell back because I am healed by the Supreme Surgeon – God.

His love and divinity, power connect & pampering has gotten into me and filled me completely so I feel no impulse to react when intimidated. Mercy, love and compassion fills my heart. I can empathize with yelling at people, which is not to say I agree with or endorse what they are saying is appropriate. In fact, all of what shouting people say may very well be harsh hurled words but I choose to step back across the line into the “detached zone” and ‘watch’ and let boiling water settle down before any of us can clearly see our reflections in it.

When I read about Aadi Dev, Brahma Baba, I realize what a long way to go before I reach the point of anger-less thoughts. Illustrations from his life motivate me to work on myself. I choose not to create angry thoughts because I choose not to harm my very own mind machinery with blockages that distant me from my Supreme Father. Brahma Baba’s serenity washes over me, cleansing corners of the mind where grudges and taunts, harsh feelings and subtle thoughts of milder forms of anger had housed themselves for ages. Now, I pro-actively vacuumed corners of the mind. It’s an ongoing lifetime maintenance contract with the Supreme Surgeon.

The only way to being anger free is to be ‘healed and filled by God’ Nothing or no one else can be so sweet and gentle as to love me despite who I am with the bunch of more than a thousand sins I may have committed during life on earth, not to mention the record or folders of several subtle thoughts created in previous births. Ah! Doesn’t this feel bulky already? Since He adopted me and made me “the apple of His eyes” I handed over the basket of burdened thoughts to Him, pen it all down and choose to set myself free!

His love fills, overflows my heart so much that it leaves no room for irritation, anger & the like of them.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” – Mark Twain

Let me conclude by sharing a lovely gift that you want to keep handy and discuss with God before you call it a day every night.

Chart with Upward Trend – Anger in Tendencies

😇: Evaluate correctly and fill honestly!
⚖️: Reply only in Yes or No
✍🏼: For Yes Give yourself 1 mark and for No Give 0 marks
📝: Calculate your total score at the end and give yourself marks out of 10.
💐: Good luck !


Q1. Does controlling anger in thoughts become natural to you? Yes/No

2. Did you remain stable in challenging situations today? Yes/No

3. Have old triggers of anger lost all power over you today? Yes/No

4. Are you able to create positive thoughts when someone says negative things to you? Yes/No

5. Does experience of meditation make you feel light inside? Yes/No

6. Are you able to control overthinking? Yes/No

7. Did you create a new positive belief system today? Yes/No

8. Does the power of acceptance increase? Yes/No

9. Do you choose peace when someone is angry with you? Yes/No

10. Did you start taking responsibility for your own emotions rather than blaming someone? Yes/No


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