दादी जानकी Touching your Heart

Dadi (elder sister) Janki aka Janak was the Administrative representing Head of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University. Dadi was born in 1916 in the northern Indian province of Sindh, now in Pakistan. From her earliest days, a concern for the well-being of others was a driving force in her life. Her childhood memories include travelling around on her father’s horse and carriage to explain others, the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and sitting with the sick and elderly to help lift their spirits. She spent only three years in formal education and then went on many pilgrimages in her search for truth and the understanding of God. Dadi Janki joined Yagya (institution) at an age of 21, at its very beginning (around 1937) with a great faith in God and in his Yagya (his task). Dadi joined 1 year late than most others, so she immediately dedicated her life in this and started reading Murli 5 to 6 times a day.


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Dadi Janki Former Chief Of Brahma Kumaris
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I take light and might from God, and I have total faith that everything will turn out right.

Dadi Janki