• Sweet Melodies in remembrance of mamma.

  • Saraswati is the spiritual daughter of Prajapita Brahma and also is the World mother (Jagat Amba) through whom God fulfils everyone’s wishes. Therefore Jagadamba is worshipped so much. Wishes are fulfilled by incorporeal one, through this world mother. Come and know the divine journey of ‘most worshipped’ human soul. How serving and simple the…Read More

  • Seniors Rajyogis have shared their precious experience with mamma.

  • A young teenager who not only recognised God, but also chose to trust Him for everything. She surrendered every day, every moment to serve God. Mamma was unmatched in wisdom, love, care and discipline. The movie shows glimpses of her journey to become an epitome of perfection in her being, doing, and living.

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Mamma Adi Ratan
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“सदैव समझो यह मेरी अन्तिम घड़ी है।”

Matheshwari - Mamma