(Mt. Abu, Rajasthan)


Nestled in the cool heights of the mountains is the hill station of Mount Abu, where the international headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris, called ‘Madhuban’ (meaning forest of honey) is located.


(Abu, Rajasthan)

Six kilometres from Abu Road on the road to Mount Abu, on your left you can see a magnificent complex known as Shantivan. Built to accommodate the ever-growing Brahma Kumaris community and its spiritual activities, the complex provides a spacious venue for conferences, spiritual congregations and educational and other retreats.


Om Shanti Retreat Center (Delhi-NCR)

The Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) is a unique learning centre that provides higher education in the art of living as well as training in Rajyoga, the highest form of yoga.

Shanti Sarovar (Hyderabad) 

An oasis of peace in the happening city of Hyderabad, Shanti Sarovar is a perfect place to relax, refresh and recharge the soul. An academy for higher learning of values and spiritual skills.