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The Umbilical Cord Of Meditation (Part 1)

A bright start to everyday is setting a time table of physical actions in your personal, professional as well as social life. Along with that, setting a time table for the mind and intellect, in which you keep them filled with the remembrance of the Supreme Being or God. He is also the Supreme Father and Mother. Just like a little baby being formed in the womb of its mother, is connected with her through the umbilical cord and receives physical sustenance from its mother through the umbilical cord, in the same manner I, the soul, need to remain connected with my spiritual mother or the parent of the soul. This parent is the one and only God, a beautiful Being of pure love, an Ocean of love. Remaining connected with Him is a way of filling myself with that love and becoming pure at the level of the mind and not just in words and actions.

Purity of the soul is gained back when we experience ourselves as a soul and connect with the Supreme Soul. God is not physical. So, the key to having a beautiful connection with Him is a spiritual consciousness i.e. I am not this body, but a soul, which is a spiritual energy controlling the body. Once I don’t exist in the body or in other words leave the body (for which we commonly say that someone has passed away or is no more) the body is like dust, with no life in it. So, understanding that I, the spiritual energy or soul, am eternal or constant and the body is my temporary vehicle, is the first step to opening the door to spiritual treasures, which are present in God. Meditation is a lovely relationship with the Supreme and increases the purity of the soul and makes it more loveful. We all were originally pure but have become impure as time has passed. Meditation is the need of the present time for everyone. We all require this umbilical cord of meditation at every step in our life. Remember, a baby is constantly connected to its mother in the womb with a physical umbilical cord and receives sustenance and as a result it grows or matures, ready to be born one day, in the outside world. That is growing up physically and we need to grow spiritually and become filled with spiritual powers. The umbilical cord of the technique of meditation brings that spiritual energy inside us from God and as a result we grow or become full of all powers.  

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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