03rd feb 23 soul sustenance

The Umbilical Cord Of Meditation (Part 3)

Practical meditation is something which you can do while being in your daily routine and not just at a fixed time like in the morning, before starting your day or in the night, before going off to sleep. In fact, it is a constant foundation of all positive actions in the day. After all, you need to fill your spiritual self with the nutrition of the seven different virtues from your spiritual mother or God through the divine umbilical cord of positive thinking and meditation. Only then will you radiate the same virtues to others. Often, negative actions in the day are performed because this divine and pure connection with God is not strong enough. In other words, the umbilical cord that we share with God i.e. meditation connection is cut off and we are so busy in our actions that God is forgotten. Also, when we are occupied in our daily routine and are performing actions, the connection that we have made in the morning meditation is weakened. So, if people are to receive goodness from us and love us in return, remaining in the womb of a spiritual consciousness throughout the day and absorbing its benefits from God is a necessity.

Also, this beautiful and pure womb of God will grow us spiritually and we will, as time passes, become beautiful human beings by meditating and focusing our consciousness on Him. We all love Him as a Father but He is also a Mother of all souls and is full of unlimited peace, love and power, just like a physical mother has these specialties, whom we all have been brought up by and experienced. One of the most beautiful and purest relationships in the world is that between a small child and his or her mother. So, God is the mother of the soul. And His love for me, the spiritual child, is the Highest in the world. So, enjoy the company of this most beautiful and loving eternal Mother. That means remember God in meditation and radiate His love and goodness to the whole Universe.

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