09th jan 23 soul sustenance

The Triangle Of Spiritual Energy

When we take the first step in imbibing spiritual wisdom and bringing positive changes in our lives, we learn that it is the soul which thinks, feels, perceives and also speaks and performs actions through the physical body. Also, we learn about the Law of Karma and God teaches us that actions based on soul consciousness, full of wisdom, qualities and powers are positive ones and actions based on body consciousness, under the influence of negative personality traits are negative ones. Soul empowerment takes place when we stop performing negative actions, start performing more positive actions and also remember God to increase our seven original virtues – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. As the soul becomes more pure, positive and powerful, we feel lighter, more stable and very content. As we feel better, our faith in God and relationship with God becomes more deeper and we start connecting with God with more and more love and determination. Also, we experience more success in all the main spheres of our life – inner personality transformation, health, relationships, education, personal and professional role, wealth etc.

As our soul power increases, we feel the urge to share our spiritual benefits with others and we start telling them how meditation is useful and how beginning the day with practicing meditation and studying spiritual wisdom makes the entire day beautiful and fulfilling. When looking at this process, we compare it with a triangle. Our self-connection with God represents one side of the triangle, others who benefit from our spiritual progress and learning represents another side of the triangle. As, a result others get connected with God, which represents the third side of the triangle. We can also see the 3 corners of the triangle as A being us, B being God and C being others. Side AB represents our self-progress by connecting with God. Side AC represents our service of others and our effort to connect them with God and side BC represents others’ benefit with the help of their connection with God. This is the Triangle of Spiritual Energy and it represents the two most basic processes of spirituality – filling and sharing of spiritual treasures. This triangle makes our and others’ lives beautiful and full of God’s goodness and strength.

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