Creating an india of god’s vision (part 1)

Creating An India Of God’s Vision (Part 1)

Spiritual Message On Independence Day
 August 15th

August 15th is a very special day for India, when India celebrates its independence, which was achieved after a lot of effort and determination and also with the help of the powers of peace, love for the country and inner cleanliness and truth. When we look back at the sacrifice of all the Indians during the days before independence, we feel proud and we respect all those who did so much for the country, without thinking about their own happiness, comforts and lives. We achieved what sometimes looked extremely difficult with the help of everyone’s united power and even God’s wish to see this most beautiful and immensely spiritual and God loving country free after so many years of going through so much peacelessness and sorrow. Today, we feel God was with us as we came out of this biggest and toughest battle victorious and opened the gates to a free India. Let us in this message look at 5 ways in which we can create an India of God’s vision –

  1. Let Us Make Spirituality Our Priority And Self-Reflection Our Habit – As we move ahead in a modern India with a lot of development and many achievements in science and technology, our lives have become busier and more action-oriented. In our typical day, all of us including children and adults, whether men or women are doing a lot. God shares with us a beautiful secret to a beautiful life – Give atleast half an hour to yourself every morning. Calm your thoughts, listen to God’s wisdom and connect with God accurately in meditation in this half an hour. If every Indian did this, we would all come closer to God and become happier and more enriched internally.
  2. Let Us Remove All Our Inner Weaknesses And Create A Character Full Of Qualities And Powers – A vision for India that God has is that every citizen of India should be full of God’s qualities and powers. We are all used to being under the influence of many different vices and weaknesses. Although we have achieved freedom on a physical level, God wants us to experience deeper peace and joy by surrendering our negativity and bad habits to Him. When we will do that, our freedom will be much more deeper and we will be able to inspire the entire world with our good character, humility and a giving and generous attitude for everyone.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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