Creating an india of god’s vision (part 2)

Creating An India Of God’s Vision (Part 2)

Spiritual Message On Independence Day
August 15th (cont.)

  1. Let’s Give Each And Everyone God’s Wisdom And Teach Them How Wisdom Increases Inner Strength And Stability – God has taught us the importance of spiritual wisdom for increasing our mental strength and emotional resilience. Today, after independence, we have achieved a lot in outer success like improved facilities in every sphere of life for everyone and India has even become better financially and with better medical facilities and many forms of entertainment and success in sports. But what has also happened is that negative situations in people’s lives have increased and a lot of people are unsure about the future of their lives. In such circumstances, by sharing God’s wisdom with them, we can empower everyone and bring security in the lives of everyone, which is required very much.
  2. India Is A Country Known For Its Deities Or Devi Devtas. Let’s Bring Divinity In Our Lives And Become Like Them – We are living in a country where the entire land has temples of deities or devi devtas and they are worshipped everywhere in every village and city of India. Also, we praise them very much in our prayers and sing songs of how they were and read and hear what they did. God loves India a lot for its divine consciousness and its devotion. But God would love it more if we also become divine like the deities or devi devtas and create purity and divinity in our lives. Pure eating, drinking and lifestyle habits were a part of the lives of deities. Let’s imbibe them and make spiritual royalty a natural part of our living and let’s give God, the Supreme Soul a return for His love for India and sustenance of India. He is the One who had made India so beautiful and divine and wants to make it the Golden Sparrow Of The World again, which it was once upon a time, a few thousand years ago.
  3. Let’s Create A Spiritual Awakening Wave In India – A very important desire from India which God has is that India should create a spiritual awakening wave. This wave should awaken the entire world and fulfill everyone’s desires of finding God, whom all souls in the world are searching for and also teach everyone how to connect with God and take His inheritance of a beautiful fortune in the entire World Drama. This will make India a spiritual light house for the entire world.

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