Everyday is a perfect day

Everyday Is A Perfect Day

How has your day been? Have your peace and happiness depended on – what is going on around you, things happening as per what you had planned, and how people behaved with you? If we keep questioning and giving away control of our emotions to external circumstances, we become weak day by day – waking up hoping for everything to be our way… and getting upset each time an unexpected scene unfolds. We have a choice how to respond to every scene of the day. Two people choose different responses to the same situation. At times our own response to the same situation differs. If we are in a good mood we choose to be calm, otherwise we get disturbed easily. There are no good or bad days. It all depends how we think and respond. Let’s remind ourselves – My situation and state of mind are not connected. No matter what today brings, I will think correctly and make it a perfect day.

We all write a beautiful script in mind about how our day should unfold. On most days things happen as we want. But on days when situations drift away from our plan, we ask Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Everything that happens is accurate and meant to be. It is we who need to reframe how we perceive things. Take a moment to prepare yourself to accept and flow with what today brings. A lot can happen in a day. We need to stay positive even when something seems to fall apart. Even if one moment isn’t pleasant, you will take immediate steps to make the next moment better. Instead of focusing on what isn’t going right, you will start focusing on what you can control and how you influence situations. And you will also pause to notice those good moments which you would have otherwise overlooked.

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