5 positive steps of self respect (part 1)

5 Positive Steps Of Self Respect (Part 1)

One of the most important energies for success in any situation and in any sphere of life is a very strong and positive mental state. Self-respect is the first step to positivity. Self-realization leads to self-respect. We often play our different roles in society in a physical realization – the realization of the physical body, physical role, relationships, wealth, education and job. Whereas we consider these realizations as natural, but many times because of the changeable nature of these spheres and aspects of life, we are lacking in self-respect and as a result in mental strength. Let us in this message; take a look at different points of self-respect based on a spiritual self-realization which make us internally strong.

  1. I Am A Victorious Soul, My Success Is Guaranteed – Every morning, create the first point of self-respect that in every sphere of life your victory or success is guaranteed. Revisit this point of self-respect many times in the day. It will inject positivity in your every thought, word and action and that positivity will flow in your role. It will also benefit you in different ways in improving your health and earning wealth and also achieving success in every sphere of life. The more you feel this positive thought in your inner sub-conscious mind, the lighter and happier you will feel. Also, this inner strength will show in better inter-personal relationships and beautiful results in different pursuits of life. A positive feeling of success in your mind will guarantee success in every action and life will become a journey of relaxation, where anything goes wrong very rarely and even if it does, it corrects itself in a very short period of time.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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