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During Conflicts Talk To People … Don’t Talk About Them

When there is a conflict in a relationship, our inner negative emotions often become a barrier in our communication with the other person. Something about the other person bothers us, but instead of talking to that person directly, we talk about him or her to everyone else we know. If two people do not mutually discuss their differences, their relationship can quickly get worse. When you put sincere efforts to resolve a conflict, the other person automatically feels your pure intentions. You not only win the relationship, but also win over your ego.

  1. When you have differences with someone, how do you go about resolving them? Do you directly talk to that person, or share the matter with others who weren’t even a part of that issue? Importantly, have you noticed how so many more negative emotions arise, when the two of you don’t talk to each other, but talk about each other?
  2. We often find a need to go and talk about a relationship issue to other people, believing that it makes us feel better, or that they can help us and resolve the conflict. Although those people have the best intentions for us, their vibrations reflect their state of mind – which can be of anxiety, fear or anger. Their negative energy might unintentionally but surely deplete and worsen our relationship, which is going through a conflict.
  3. If we created the energy blockage with another person, then only the two of us can resolve it amongst us. Even if we want to take someone’s help to resolve, that third person has to be someone who is absolutely unbiased and emotionally detached. Such people bless us, and we can use their energy to strengthen ourselves and resolve the conflict.
  4. Maintain an open, honest and transparent communication with whoever you are not getting along well with. Your pure vibrations will allow both of you to move towards harmony. Remind yourself throughout the conflict – I talk only and only to the person I have differences with. I do not talk about them to others. My positive conversations with them dissolves the conflict and restores harmony amongst us.

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