10 new beliefs for positive living (part 1)

10 New Beliefs For Positive Living
(Part 1)

A very important characteristic that differentiates the Supreme Soul or God from human souls is that the Supreme Soul is the only soul that exists in this World Drama who is completely free from desires and remains that way eternally. Whatever action any soul performs, they are performed to fulfill the desire of experiencing peace, love, joy and power. These are the original sanskars of each soul before it begins its journey of birth and rebirth, when it stays in the soul world and when it has just begun its journey of birth and rebirth on the world stage. Based on incorrect beliefs, souls today perform actions filled with lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and many other negative emotions, with the aim of fulfilling their desire of experiencing peace, love, joy and power. But we do not realize how these actions take the soul away from these experiences and not close to them.

God or the Supreme Soul is completely free from desires because He is an Ocean of peace, love, joy and power. God possesses the wisdom and power to fulfill these different desires of the soul. Being the Supreme Teacher, He guides and teaches us what are the right actions that can help us fulfill our desires of peace, love, joy and power and which actions, take us away from them. Also, He is the only one who can teach us how to connect with Him so that these desires are fulfilled, because he is the Ocean of all these qualities that exist inside us in our original state and connecting with Him fills us with these qualities. The connection with God through the medium of spiritual wisdom, which He shares and the practice of meditation, which He teaches, along with performing the right actions based on correct beliefs or the truth, help us in fulfilling our desires of many births of permanent peace, love, joy and power.

We shall discuss 10 such common incorrect beliefs in the next few days’ messages and also learn the spiritual truth, which God reveals.

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