5 positive steps of self respect (part 2)

5 Positive Steps Of Self Respect (Part 2)

  1. Happiness Is My Internal Treasure, I Own It – Always remind yourself regularly that I am the creator of my own happiness and I have to fill this happiness in every situation of my life and make it beautiful and positive. Sometimes life presents in front of us sorrowful scenes that try and influence the mind negatively and reduce our happiness. But when we remember that happiness is my own decision and not a dependency on events, we will remain stable and light in whatever scene of life we find ourselves in. Also, the key to constant happiness is an understanding that I am the owner of the wealth of spiritual wisdom, qualities, powers, strengths, talents and specialties and I have to use them for my benefit and for others’ benefit, in different ways. The more I keep myself busy in this task, the more richer and fuller I will feel spiritually and that will keep me cheerful and full of enthusiasm.
  2. I Am A Powerful Soul, I Create My Own Positive Success Creating success comes from inner strength and will power. Whenever we have a challenging task in front of us, it tests our will power and reduces it and the challenge becomes even more overwhelming. A mind which is without any leakages of negative and unnecessary thoughts is very strong willed and powerful and such a soul with a powerful mind, is a creator of beautiful success in everything it does. Meditation by connecting with the Supreme Source of Spiritual Power – God for a few minutes everyday, makes our conscious and sub-conscious mind clean and pure which increases our will power as a result. Also, churning spiritual wisdom after reading it for a few minutes everyday, increases the percentage of our positive thoughts and we feel more strong willed and full of determination and positivity.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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