10 new beliefs for positive living (part 2)

10 New Beliefs For Positive Living
(Part 2)

We hold many incorrect beliefs as to how we can experience peace, love, joy and power and many of our actions are based on these beliefs. God or the Supreme Teacher changes our belief system and not only makes us aware of these incorrect beliefs but shares with us correct spiritual beliefs or the truth so that we start performing actions based on them and begin experiencing permanent peace, love, joy and power. We have mentioned 10 examples of such incorrect beliefs, which we have, and the truth about them –

Belief 1 – Anger is necessary for success in relationships and is important for getting work done and gaining respect. It provides a mental surge of energy and makes us powerful.

Truth – Relationships become beautiful when the energies of peace, love and goodness are exchanged between two human beings. People respect us more and enjoy working with us more, when we influence them with our peaceful and loveful nature, instead of controlling them with our anger. Anger gives a temporary negative thrill of energy and an adrenaline rush, but it harms our health and depletes the soul of spiritual treasures like wisdom and contentment.

Belief 2 – Worry and fear prepares us for negative situations. Worrying for someone close to us is a sign of our love for them.

Truth – Worry and fear in any negative situation that is already there magnifies the problem more and keeps solutions away from us. Worry and fear of any negative situation that may happen in the future is a negative visualization in advance, which instead of preparing the soul for the worst possible outcome, drains the soul of spiritual strength and sends negative energy to the Universe, which can harm instead of help the situation. Being concerned and not worried for our loved ones is a sign of our love for them, which provides them the necessary support that they require from us, because we are filled with positivity and power at that time. When we are worried, we lose our positivity and power.

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