5 positive steps of self respect (part 3)

5 Positive Steps Of Self Respect (Part 3)

  1. I Am A Free Soul, Nothing Can Influence Me Negatively – A very important step of self respect is remembering that no situation or person can influence me negatively. Freedom is the original experience and quality of the soul. In freedom, I look at the world in a detached manner and am ready to face anything negative that comes in front of me with ease and without any pressure and that makes me powerful. The more I take every step imbibing the feeling of soul consciousness; I go beyond boundaries which trap me. Attachments and limitations in thinking are removed and I see people as actors playing roles sometimes negative and sometimes positive and scenes as passing phases, sometimes negative and sometimes positive. This experience translates into power in the consciousness as well as in words and actions.
  2.  I Am Full Of The Treasures Of Qualities And Powers, I Experience Them – Self-respect comes when I have the remembrance of God’s treasures, which are mine because I am his child. Remembering one quality or power everyday and bringing it into practice makes me feel fulfilled and rich. Over a period of time, this practice makes it easy to emerge a quality or power, which is required, in any situation and with any person and feel light and full of strength and free from any burden or stress. Always remember A quality a day keeps difficult situations away and A power a day keeps me stable and strong always. Qualities and powers get filled inside us over a period of time by keeping them in our consciousness and bringing them into words and actions everyday.

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