10 new beliefs for positive living (part 3)

10 New Beliefs For Positive Living
(Part 3)

Belief 3 – Ego is power; a person with no ego is generally shy or weak.

Truth – Ego is a false pride, which takes the soul away from its true self esteem, which weakens the soul as it identifies with its physical self, roles and relationships, which is all temporary and changeable. A humble person, with good self-respect, loves and respects the self and others on a spiritual level and receives blessings from God and everyone else, which makes such a person strong internally and he or she is seen in a positive light by everyone. Such a person radiates positivity wherever he or she goes, making them confident and not shy.

Belief 4 – Lust and attachment increases love in a relationship.

Truth – Lust and attachment are desires of the soul to possess another human being, which drain the soul of spiritual power. Love increases in a relationship when we give freely to the other soul and connect to the other soul and its qualities, instead of their physical form and physical personality.

Belief 5 – Greed attracts physical prosperity and brings happiness.

Truth – Greed is a negative desire, which also brings with it dishonesty and untruthfulness in actions and harms relationships. A soul with greed will also lose its conscience as it sacrifices its inner goodness to achieve more financially or at any other level either in the family, workplace or any other sphere of life. Spiritual wisdom says, the more internally fulfilled the soul is of spiritual attainments, the more such a soul attracts physical prosperity and long-lasting happiness.

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