10 new beliefs for positive living (part 4)

10 New Beliefs For Positive Living
(Part 4)

Belief 6 – Life is full of ups and downs. So its okay to feel happy when everything is going fine in our life and its okay to feel unhappy and get stressed when there are negative situations in our life.

Truth – Situations are different in our life everyday and everyday there is something or the other which is not perfect. So we go through cycles of stability and instability because of that. We even sometimes think that all situations in our lives are God given and God is only giving us happiness and sorrow both. But the Law of Karma says that we create the realities in our lives based on our actions in the present and the actions of our previous many births, which we have taken. God has no role in this and He is not creating each and every human being’s different life situations. God only gives wisdom and is there to teach us which actions are good actions and which are bad ones. The more we use this wisdom in our lives and follow it correctly, the happier we are internally always. Even if there are a few negative situations, we do not get stressed and transform those situations into positive ones with our inner positivity and always remain happy while doing that.

Belief 7 – Gossiping about others increases social bonding and gives us an experience of joy.

Truth – Gossiping is focused on other peoples’ weaknesses and their actions. It is said where attention goes, energy flows. The more we focus our attention and energy on others, the more our inner, positive energy reduces and our inner creativity and skills are influenced negatively. Talking about others behind their backs, sends them negative energy, harming the positivity and goodness of relationships and taking us away from the experience of joy.

Belief 8 – Jealousy inspires us to do better and achieve more.

Truth – We are all beautiful souls with our unique qualities and specialties. If we want to move ahead in life, we need to realize our qualities and specialties deeply and then use them in every sphere of life to move ahead. The more we use them, the more they will increase also and not only benefit everyone around us but also help us in experiencing success at every step. If we are jealous and focus on others specialties and success, we will never move ahead, but on the other hand we will experience an inner emptiness on a spiritual level.

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