10 new beliefs for positive living (part 5)

10 New Beliefs For Positive Living
(Part 5)

Belief 9 – Having many physical attainments, possessions and wealth and having a good physical personality, looks and beautiful relationships gives permanent happiness.

Truth – The desire to accumulate physical attainments, possessions and wealth is very common in today’s world. There is lesser focus on the inner self, which gives permanent happiness and long-lasting fulfillment. We like owning nice cars, modern mobile phones, big homes, beautiful furniture and other material objects. We even love shopping and buying many sets of beautiful and lavish clothes and expensive watches and shoes. We also over indulge in eating, partying, watching movies and social media. But, in doing all this we forgot that all these things give enjoyment of the 5 sense organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands and they do not give permanent enjoyment to the soul. This is because sometimes some of these things can leave us in a second and when we are not able to have them for any reason, we can feel pain and get depressed. Inner happiness received by listening to spiritual wisdom and making the soul richer and more beautiful in sanskars will give us permanent happiness and happiness which is not based on material richness or anything connected to the senses. Also, everyone today is running after making their bodies and outer personality more and more beautiful and attractive. While it is not wrong to look good and pleasing to everyone and we should take care of that, but when we become obsessed with it, we can lose our link with our spiritual consciousness and spiritual beauty and stop beautifying ourselves with simplicity and purity, which will make us look good physically also. Also, beautiful relationships with others is one of the most important aspects of human living and is a medium of give and take of love, care and support between humans. But, we should not forget that we should not depend on human relationships for permanent happiness, because sometimes we might not receive from people what we expect and it can make us hopeless and weak at those times. So let us enjoy all our human relationships, but let us also establish a beautiful and close relationship with God first. This is because God is the spiritual seed of the human world tree and the more we love God and are close to Him and are full of His love, the more we will love others and also receive love from others.

Belief 10 – Connecting with nature and enjoying its beauty gives permanent peace and bliss.

Truth – Nature in its pure beauty is pleasing and soothing to the soul. But the peace and bliss experienced from nature is not permanent because our fast lives do not allow us to be amidst nature all the time. When we connect with the inner spiritual self and God, we are filled with inner and permanent peace and bliss. Its good to enjoy the scenes of nature but we should also make the spiritual connection to enjoy every scene of life and be stable amidst difficult situations.

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