Soul Sustenence Eng 22nd Mar 23

Balancing Soul Power And Role Power For Success (Part 3)

Continuing from yesterday’s message, the remaining aspects of soul power are:

The power of good feelings and good wishes full of love for others, while coming in contact with them. These type of feelings and wishes bring back good feelings and good wishes in the form of blessings, in return from the other to you, which not only empower you, but also assist your physical role on a subtle level.

The power of complete purity and cleanliness in thoughts, words and actions – A state where I am not under the influence of vices like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred etc. which empowers the role at every moment.

The 8 main powers – the power to tolerate, accommodate, face, pack up, discriminate, judge, withdraw and co-operate – their implementation on an internal and external level i.e. not only in words and actions, but also on a thought level. Where there is a lack of any of the above powers inside me, there will definitely be negative and waste in my thoughts, words and actions and I will be weakened internally, which reduces the probability of success of my role.

The power of truth or spiritual wisdom – A state where the self has deeply realized and understood eternal truths of the soul, God or the Supreme Soul, the World Drama and the Law of Karma and has drawn immense amount of power and experience from that spiritual knowledge.

By focusing on each of the above aspects of soul power and those explained in yesterday’s message, by giving them more importance in our lives and using them along with the different aspects of our roles, which were mentioned in the first part of this message, we can experience the desired success in any role in any sphere of our life very easily and without much effort.

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