5 ways to take blessings from god - the supreme guru

5 Ways To Take Blessings From God - The Supreme Guru

  1. Begin Your Day With A Quite Appointment With God – In the early morning hours everyday, visualize yourself as a beautiful soul and float to the pure silence world – the soul world and become submerged in God’s spiritual light and might. Spend atleast 20 minutes in this experience everyday. It is the key to unlocking and receiving God’s lovely blessings.
  2. Make Yourself Divine, Positive And Powerful – A complete person is one who is full of goodness and divinity, thinks rightly and correctly and is strong in all situations. When you experience perfection in these three ways, God will fill you with His blessings of love, happiness and respect and you will experience success in every sphere of life.
  3. Make Spiritual Wisdom Your Own Personal Treasure – The more you listen to spiritual wisdom everyday, the more you build a deep and invisible bond with God. Wisdom is God’s treasure which He is full of and fills us with the same at every step of our life. Wisdom is the key to acquiring blessings from God, as we churn wisdom, share it with others and bring it in every action.
  4. Love God More Than Anyone Else In Your Life – God is the most beautiful and divine consciousness in the entire Universe. The more you love Him and keep Him with you as your closest one, the more you will be happy, light and feel blessed. His bliss and blessings will touch you and make you a new human being who smiles, speaks, sees, walks and performs every action in God’s pure light.
  5. Bring God’s Magic In Every Relationship – Every human being in this world whom we connect to, is God’s special child and angel. Making all our relationships full of contentment and God’s qualities and goodness is a return to God of His deep love for us. The more we do that, the more God feels happy and blesses our hearts constantly.

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