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Going Beyond The Influence Of Bad Omens And Superstitions

The energy and vibrations of certain planets, places, numbers, colours, objects, people and some evil human souls which exist outside physical bodies in subtle bodies – are believed to bring bad luck. So, we live like victims fearing we will come under their negative influence and attract negative circumstances in our lives. Belief in bad omens and superstitions are deeply ingrained in some of our minds. Associating certain objects or events with good or bad luck makes us weaker than our circumstances.

  1. Challenge your superstitions and you will realize that it is all in your mind. Planetary movements, objects, situations, people radiate their energies. But the influence of your mind on your life is higher than any other external influence of any type.
  2. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings develop your attitude. Your attitude comes into action. Repeated actions become a habit. All your habits together, make your personality. Your personality creates your destiny. So, your thoughts create your destiny.
  3. If your thoughts are negative and weak, then external powers will influence your thoughts and as a result your destiny. If your thoughts are pure, positive and powerful and are at the highest vibration, then external factors have no influence on your destiny.
  4. Bless yourself and bless your tasks with elevated spiritual thoughts and words. Your own emotional fitness, determination, discipline and positive spiritual efforts create a desired destiny.
  5. Connect to God through meditation and raise your vibrational frequency. With high vibrations, you will be a master of your mind and a master of your life and its circumstances and will overcome the fear of bad omens and superstitions.

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