Inhale strengths, exhale weaknesses

Inhale Strengths, Exhale Weaknesses

We all set fitness goals and work out daily for a few minutes. But while we exercise or practice breathing techniques, unaware, our mind can create negative thoughts of worry, fear and pain. So our body gets strengthened but our mind gets depleted. With just one small practice during workouts, or even any time during the day, we can energize our mind effortlessly. With each breath – Inhale a strength, Exhale a weakness. When you set out to practice any form of physical workout – walk, jog, exercise, yoga, pranayam or breath-control techniques – what do you think of, all that while? Do you generally remain aware, or do you become clueless about anything and everything that comes to your mind? During physical workouts, we let the mind drift into randomly thinking – about challenges, other people, brood over past, worry about future, make up scenarios, or indulge in gossip. We energize the body on the one side, but our unnecessary thoughts and conversations radiate dis-empowering vibrations to the body. Let’s ensure that the 20 minutes give us both physical and emotional health. Let’s workout in silence or have very little conversation, but every thought and word needs to be empowering. Every breath in-and-out can happen with the right thoughts – inhale strengths and exhale emotional toxins, for example – I’m inhaling happiness, I’m exhaling worry. Take care of your thoughts, remembering that an emotionally fit mind radiates healing energy to the body.

Remember always that you are a peaceful being. Peace comes to you naturally. Be relaxed throughout the day, in your interactions, in responding to situations. Take care of your body and mind. Every morning set aside 20 minutes to meditate, 20 minutes to exercise, energize your mind and body. While exercising direct your thoughts in a beneficial way and remain focused on your breath. With each breath, remain mindful, ease your state of mind. Think of a strength with each inhalation, think of a weakness in yourself with each exhalation. Inhale peace, exhale stress, inhale compassion, exhale anger, inhale faith, exhale fear. With each breath take in powerful vibrations and expel negative energy out. Regulate your breath, regulate your thoughts, heal your body, heal your mind. Practice this even during the day, while working, travelling, watching TV. Effortlessly use your breath to your advantage, to feel powerful, refreshed, confident. When a challenge arises, you will find it easy to avoid auto-pilot reactions and you will create right thoughts and respond with awareness and stability. You will cross the situation easily and remain relaxed and stress-free.

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