Freeing yourself from hatred for anyone

Freeing Yourself From Hatred For Anyone

We are living in a world of many different relationships between human beings. A beautiful relationship between me and others is based on true spiritual love, one in which I do not carry any hatred for others. Hatred arises in our hearts for someone else when we look at their weaknesses or at their negative behaviour. Sometimes we expect something from the other person and when we don’t get what we want, we start looking at the person negatively and start hating them. For some people hatred for a few people in their lives is very common. Can we become completely free from hatred? Is it possible? Let’s look at a few different ways to become free from hatred –

  1. Begin Your Day By Filling Your Heart With God’s Love – The moment you get up in the morning, create thoughts and feelings of closeness with God, who is the Ocean Of Love. Take His blessings and connect with Him in meditation and silence. This will make you full of spiritual love for all souls of the world, who are your sweet brothers and sisters and children of God, just like you are and you will feel we are all one divine family.
  2. Feel Deeply That You Are A Beautiful Soul And Everyone Else Is Also A Beautiful Soul – Only when we love ourselves deeply can we love others. Only when we realize that we have weaknesses can we realize that others too have weaknesses. Only when we know we are trying to improve ourselves will we not get impatient with others and realize that they too are trying to improve themselves. Then we will never hate them in any circumstance.
  3. Learn To Give Blessings To Everyone – Whenever we meet anyone in the day, create a beautiful thought in your mind about the other person’s specialties. Don’t let anything negative or ordinary about the other person touch your consciousness. Spread goodness about everyone.
  4. Create A Positive Environment Of Love Wherever You Are – When we create an environment of love and closeness, when we share love and joy with each other, then we will be an embodiment of all qualities and fill everyone else with them. Also, we will only absorb others’ qualities, never their weaknesses.

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