Resolve issues on your mind before sleeping

Resolve Issues On Your Mind Before Sleeping

All of us would like to fall asleep as soon as our head hits the pillow at night. We expect our mind to switch off so we sleep peacefully. But often we go to bed thinking about issues, goals, to-do lists, or other random thoughts. So the mind gets activated instead of slowing down. It creates several thoughts through the night, disrupting sleep, taking a toll on us physically and emotionally.

Take this moment to see how you resolve issues on the mind before going to sleep at night –


I am a happy being. I am light and pure. My mind remains calm throughout the day… I take good care of my mind and body…I balance my work with right amount of rest and relaxation. My right sleeping habits enable my mind, brain and body to function at their highest potential. I follow a fixed bedtime… I switch off the television…withdraw from gadgets 30 minutes before sleeping. I practice a relaxing routine to prepare my mind and body for rest before I lie down… I watch my thoughts…if there is any unresolved issue on the mind…if my mind is disturbed…if it is churning on any thoughts from the day…stress from family…work…finances…if the mind is uneasy … I immediately counsel my mind…I give it answers to the questions…or I give it an instruction that I will think about it the next day… My mind obeys me…it becomes silent…it stops thinking about that matter…and calms down. For 10 minutes I read or listen to pure information …I repeat my affirmations of the day…as the last layer of information for the mind. I ensure my body and mind are well rested through the night… they get charged… rejuvenated.

Repeat this affirmation everyday to get the sleep you need by slowing down your mind. When you sleep with a light and clean mind, you give yourself enough time to sleep and wake up fresh the next morning.

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