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Make A To-Be List And Check It Everyday

At the end of each day, we tick off items from our To-Do list. Let us also check our To-Be list. Daily self-evaluation is a healthy practice and the key to success in every sphere of our lives. At some point or the other, we receive feedback from other people about our inner personality, of who we are, who we can be and how we can improve. Instead of knowing ourselves through the eyes of others, we can self-evaluate ourselves daily and improve our inner personality.

  1. In playing different roles, are you always focused on what you are doing and not on how you are being? Regardless of what stage of life you are in, it is important to see yourself clearly and evaluate your personality – your habits, behaviours, values, strengths and different areas that you need to improve.
  2. Other people’s opinion or feedback about you is usually coloured by their perspective, mood or personality. Therefore, self-evaluation is the most reliable method to understand who you really are and how you can change yourself.
  3. Maintain a To-Be list with any 2 to 3 personality characteristics. E.g. Did I see everyone’s specialties and ignore their weaknesses? Did I remain free from all forms of anger and ego? Did I remain free from fear and worry? Did I remain content with myself, others and every scene of my life? Did I keep everyone ahead of me without any jealousy and comparison? Or any other personality characteristics which you feel are lacking in you or you want to improve. Fill it every night. Evaluate yourself with marks out of 10, percentages or a yes or no. Keep changing the personality characteristics in your list from time to time or keep them the same for some time and then change, depending upon your personal choice and own inner requirement.
  4. Self-evaluation takes only a couple of minutes before your bedtime every night. Maintain a small diary to note your progress daily. It has immense benefits changing and improving different aspects of your personality. It helps you move gradually towards your self-transformation goals.

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