Purifying food, water and air for good health (part 3)

Purifying Food, Water And Air For Good Health (Part 3)

  1. Purification Of Water – For purifying the water we drink, we not only use physical means, but also have a beautiful spiritual relationship with water and change its vibrational energy. Water serves us in many different ways and it can be transformed with our positive thoughts and feelings. Giving positive thoughts to water changes it physically and makes it more healthy as well as transforms its vibrations and makes it more positive. Such water is what we should take inside our body and drink. Some of the thoughts that we can create to transform water is – I am a blissful and loveful soul … I absorb beautiful white rays of bliss and love from God … I radiate this positive energy to the water I drink or I am a positive source of peace … a subtle being of peaceful light at the centre of the forehead … I radiate this light to the water I drink or I am God’s child … As He respects nature, I also do the same … I drink water in the consciousness that it is serving me … I serve it with the positive goodness vibrations that I carry in my consciousness.

We can create and visualize these thoughts for 10-15 seconds, each time before we drink water or anything made out of water and also for a few seconds where we store our drinking water at home or anywhere else. Focus your eyes on the water while thinking and visualizing the thoughts. Our eyes radiate positive energy and vibrations to the stored water and bring benefit to everyone who drink it. This will improve overall health of all your family members and create goodness in the consciousness and words and actions of everyone.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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