Digital Wellness is an initiative to inspire the spread of awareness about how indiscriminate use of Digital technologies is becoming TOXIC to our Body, Mind, Brain and Life. In order to increase the awareness about harmful effects of digital gadgets and help people become responsible users of digital technologies, we have started this Digital Wellness Initiative. We are a group of IT professionals practicing Rajayoga Meditation as taught by Brahma Kumaris for 15+ years. Below are the advantages of Digital Wellness –

Improve attention span

Improves attention span

Increase your focus & reduce distraction

Increases focus & reduce distraction

Improve efficiency and effectiveness​

Improves efficiency and effectiveness

Improve physical & mental health

Improves physical & mental health

Digital Technology and their present role

Mobile and other Digital technologies have become an indispensable part of our Lives today, bringing in many advantages. But too much of a good thing becomes bad, sooner than later. Latest research shows that mobile usage is on the rise among ALL sections of the society including kids as young as 2 years. Kids are getting addicted to mobiles at a very very young age. If unchecked we will have a generation of Dumb, Inattentive, Anxious Zombies. 

Most people are ignorant of the scale of this destruction. If we don’t educate ourselves and our kids now, we risk losing our next generation. With respect to digital wellness, ignorance is not bliss, but ignorance is poison.

University Collaboration

Brahma Kumaris Digital Wellness Team has designed state-of-the-art Curriculum to teach Digital Wellness as a subject to under-graduate students in various universities in India. Anna University of Tamilnadu, one of Premier Engineering Institutes in India, has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Brahma Kumaris and introduced Digital Wellness as a 30-hour, 2-Credit Elective Course for their thousands of Engineering students.

If you are interested in introducing Digital Wellness subject in your college / university please send us an email at [email protected]

Digital Wellness Ambassador

We invite each one of you to become a Digital Wellness Ambassador, by joining us, and help people around you become digitally healthy.

Some simple digital wellness techniques you can start implementing below.

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Have screen-free breakfast, lunch & dinner


Switch OFF All Notifications Of Mobile Phone


Do Not Touch Mobile In The First One Hour After Wake Up

Videos to Watch

The video series provides a comprehensive look at the interplay between digital technology and well-being, examining its broad impacts on society, the challenges it poses to our sleep, and innovative approaches to digital wellness. Through exploration and practical insights, it encourages viewers to reflect on their digital habits and strive for a healthier, more balanced digital life