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How To Study God's Wisdom Everyday?

God is an Ocean of Wisdom and the Highest and most knowledgeful and powerful soul that exists. Because He is eternally bodiless and does not come in the cycle of birth and rebirth, He knows the World Drama very clearly. God shares His wisdom on Earth at the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age, with the help of which all souls of the world get purified and the world gets transformed into Satyug or the Golden Age. Let us look at 5 tips for studying God’s wisdom everyday –

1. Meditate For A Few Minutes Before Spiritual Study – When we meditate for a few minutes before listening or reading spiritual wisdom, our thoughts slow down and our concentration increases. This helps us in understanding and absorbing God’s spiritual wisdom clearly.

2. Revise Your Purpose Of Studying The Wisdom – After meditating, tell yourself that God Himself is going to teach me today and also remember that this study will make me pure, perfect and full of all qualities and powers and I need to study with complete mental and physical alertness.

3. Feel A Beautiful Closeness With God While Studying – Also, remember and experience God as a loveful parent and teacher while studying His wisdom, which is full of depth and beauty. Absorb God’s vibrations and His feelings behind every word. Do not only listen or read.

4. Note Down Important Points Of The Wisdom – When you study spiritual wisdom, it’s important to note down a few points of the wisdom, which you feel you want to revise in the day, think about deeply and apply in the day’s actions and interactions.

5. End The Spiritual Wisdom With Thanking God – After you have finished studying spiritual wisdom, take God’s sweet blessings of love, thank Him in your heart and promise Him that you will follow everything that He has taught today and will not leave His hand anytime in the day.

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नकारात्मक परिस्थितियों में सकारात्मक  बने रहने के 5 तरीके

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