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Encourage And Appreciate Children For Using Values

We need to appreciate children when they bring values in their thoughts, words and actions and show them that values always work. Every child has a unique set of values and virtues which need to be appreciated and nurtured. Teach them that values are the biggest and most important success in their lives.

    • 1. Values are more often caught by children rather than being taught to them. When as adults you live values consistently, children absorb them. Display honesty in simple acts like admitting to mistakes, paying taxes, paying fine if you break traffic rules, and so on. Respect family members, friends, neighbours, office colleagues and domestic helps, which children notice.
    • 2. Teach children to meditate every morning and read at least a small paragraph of spiritual content before beginning their day. This will keep them calm and make them emotionally strong. They will take the right decisions and stick to their values and principles.
    • 3. Prioritise values over academic and other achievements. If children admit to having bunked classes to go for a movie with their friends or making any other mistake, first appreciate them for being honest, and then tell them what they did was not right.
    • 4. Help children create their own value compass. Encourage them to choose any one value and then use it with everyone, everywhere and every time for a week. Ask them to notice how it feels using a value and what benefit it brings.

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