05th Jul – Soul Sustenance

When We Change Others Change (Part 1)

Living a life full of many different types of relationships sometimes brings with it different types of challenges and relationships can become a test of our mental strength when what we expect from others is not what we receive. Expectations from others can sometimes burden us so much that at times we can find people extremely difficult to deal with. Also, we may loose interest in our lives to an extent, difficult to imagine. There was once a king who ruled a very big kingdom, which was full of different types of people, who were not only different in their roles but also very different in their natures and personalities. The king sometimes wondered that I am not able to satisfy so many different people because everyone has different expectations from me. At the same time, his different expectations from the people of his kingdom were immense and at times it became difficult for him to experience peace and inner stability while handling their concerns and demands. A minister of the king gave him a suggestion that instead of trying to focusing on everyone’s desires and what they wanted, you be your good self and focus on playing your role in the best possible way and leave the rest to happen as it happens.

Many a times, it’s not about making the effort to change others but it’s changing yourself which brings positive results. This is because it is your change which inspires others to change. Remember everyone will not act or behave as we want and sometimes it can be difficult to cope with this. But if we remain determined in our positive behavior and change, they will, after seeing our change, over a period of time, begin to realize their mistakes and become the way you expect them to be.

(To be continued tomorrow …)