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5 Steps For Experiencing Freedom Of The Mind

    1. Experience Yourself As A Beautiful And Divine Soul – The first step to freedom is experiencing yourself as a being of spiritual energy, full of the divine qualities of peace, love, joy and power. The deeper you go into this experience, the more free you become. You never search any quality outside as you are yourself full of all of them.
    2. Bring Wisdom In Every Thought, Word And Action – Whatever positive wisdom you read or listen to – take 2-3 points from the content and apply it in every situation, in all your relationships and in your every thought, word and action. This will make you free from sorrow and peacelessness, which is a beautiful freedom.
    3. Make God Your Most Beautiful Companion – Connect with God, have a dialogue with Him and experience His love throughout the day. When you fill yourself with God’s love, your attachment to anyone and anything in this world goes away. Then, you become filled with all powers and you control all your sense organs correctly, experiencing complete inner self-rule.
    4. Check Each Dependency And Go Beyond It – Our basic list of dependencies include – mobile, internet, television, tea, alcohol, smoking, particular types of food, shopping and many more. A positive and pure mind will check all these and begin going beyond them because only then can the mind become truly free.
    5. Share Your Qualities And Powers With Others – Whenever you meet someone, share your qualities and powers with them through your vibrations, words and actions. When you become a giver, you stop expecting situations and people to be your way and you also do not seek approval for anything you do. You also become free from comparisons and the influence of what others think and speak about you.

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