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5 Points Of Wisdom For Overcoming Jealousy

1. I Am A Beautiful Soul With Many Special Qualities And Attainments – The powerful consciousness that I am special and unique in this world, with my own special qualities and attainments, immensely uplifts our feelings and the way we look at ourselves. It is only when we experience deep positivity about who we are and how important we are, that we stop comparing with others and feeling jealous of them.

2. We Are All Equal In God’s Eyes And No One Is Higher Or Lower – Sometimes the other person’s attainments like the way they look, their personality, wealth, fame or relationships attract us and we tend to feel inferior and jealous. At such times, always feel that God loves each one of us equally for who we are and neither is the other person higher than us and nor are we lower than them.

3. We Are In A Race With Ourselves And Not With Anyone Else – Feelings of excessive competition often give rise to jealousy and you want to overtake the other person in everything they are good in. This makes you tired and depleted of spiritual treasures like peace, love, joy and power. But a spiritual principle states that it’s good to compete against ourselves and make ourselves more and more better with each day instead of focusing on what is good in the other person, which makes us jealous.

4. It’s Important To Dream Big But Not Get Over Attached To The Dream – Feelings of jealousy arise in our minds when we try and go very fast in our lives chasing our biggest dreams, even at the cost of our health and relationships. Life feels beautiful when we do not let our dreams dominate our lives and influence us negatively. The more detached we are from our dreams, the lesser is our jealousy of others and lighter is our journey of life.

5. The More The Simplicity The Lesser the Jealousy – It is often seen that people who are more simple in thinking and living never experience feelings of jealousy. Simplicity means to think less and be content with what you have instead of always desiring more. Such people are always happy and are always looking inside themselves and not looking for something or the other outside themselves in other people or the world.


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పోటీ పడటం మానండి… ఈ క్షణాన్ని ఆస్వాదించండి (పార్ట్ 2)

సంతోషం మరియు విజయం వాస్తవానికి పరస్పరం ముడిపడి ఉంటాయి. ఆ రెండు ఒక సాధారణ అంశాన్ని పంచుకుంటాయి – వాటిని అనుసరించలేము. మనం ఆత్మిక స్థితిని అభ్యసిస్తే, విజయం మరియు సంతోషం  రెండింటినీ సాధించిన

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