05th sep soul sustenance

The Beauty Of Giving (Part 3)

A personality of giving comes natural to some people and for some it is the most difficult thing to do. There are people who live only for others. Every single moment they give to others what they require. It’s not about only donating wealth and clothes or food for that matter. But here we talk about giving love and happiness to each and everyone you meet. It can become the most beautiful intention of your life. Love in the form of sweet words and warm gestures that make people happy. Even if you have a problem in your life which you are facing since a few days, keep giving during that time. It will ease your problems. You can actually spend many years of your life serving each one with these two qualities – love and happiness.

Also, other qualities which people would like from you are peace and power. Today, the world is lacking these two qualities immensely. Peace in every individual’s life can be given to them by remaining silent yourself. Silence does not mean talking less only but also remaining free of any unnecessary thoughts which are not important at a particular point of time i.e. they are irrelevant. Such a person with fewer number of thoughts will automatically transmit the energy of peace to others. Also, people today are lacking emotional strength and they weaken under life’s pressures very easily. Are you ready to be the one who can stand as a pillar of strength for others by being powerful yourself? So take up this responsibility and deepen your spiritual personality i.e. make yourself full of spiritual treasures. Become a giver.


21st may 2024 soul sustenance telugu

మిమ్మల్ని మీరు మార్చుకోవాలని లోతుగా అనుకుంటున్నారా?

చాలా సార్లు, మనం మన స్వపరివర్తన లక్ష్యాలపై ముందుకు వెనుకకు ఊగిసలాడుతూ ఉంటాము . ఏదైనా తప్పు జరిగినప్పుడు మనం పైపై మార్పులు చేస్తూ ఉత్సాహంగా మొదలుపెడతాము. చాలా వరకు మన దృష్టి ఏమి

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