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4 Benefits Of Negative Situations (Part 1)

    • Negative Situations Make Us More Powerful – We are in an unpredictable world with many negative scenes that come in our life and sometimes leave us disturbed and shaken. For most people, negative situations are very disturbing and as soon as they come, they tend to create negative and unnecessary thoughts, leaving their consciousness with very less power to handle the situation effectively and positively. Also, this type of negative perception confuses our mind and intellect and we don’t understand how to resolve the situation because of a lack of clarity in our consciousness. Often situations are not as big as they may seem, but our incorrect thinking full of fear and anxiety makes them bigger. A very important aim of spirituality is to increase our soul power and ability to face difficult situations with a peaceful and contented consciousness. The more patient we are in any negative situation, the more our soul power increases and it not only resolves the present situation faster, but it also prepares us for future situations, so that we can face them more powerfully.
    • Negative Situations Make Us More Experienced And Wise – Another aspect of difficult situations is that they reveal to us secrets of life and make us introspect and even make us wiser, as we use our mind and intellect to cross the situation and learn many new things in the process. Also, we carry the experience of crossing every situation into the next situation, which we often come across as we move forward in life. Life is full of surprises and change and we need experience at every step, which not only helps us in our self-transformation but also helps us guide others, as we help them in different situations of their lives. Every experience that we go through, every challenge we cross with positivity and faith in ourselves, God and the World Drama, is a positive learning and this learning process makes us very successful and full of wisdom, qualities and powers at every step.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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