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4 Benefits Of Negative Situations (Part 2)

    • Negative Situations Settle Our Karmic Accounts And Purify The Soul – One of the most important aspects of difficult situations is the deep realisation that they are a result of some negative action or actions, that we have performed in this birth or some previous birth of ours. Also, we need to realize that for the benefit of the soul and its protection, we need to clear the sanskars, which are there of the past negative actions, in the soul, as these sanskars are constantly radiating negative energy to the environment and to other souls and they attract negativity from both of them, which reaches us and harms the soul in many different ways. When there is a negative situation in our life, we look inwards and bring about deep self-transformation and also finish our ego. We also emerge qualities inside us, which we need at that point of time. We also connect to God and take strength from Him and go closer to goodness. Doing all this, settles our negative karmic accounts and clears our sanskars related to negative actions of the past and purifies the soul and makes it free from the effects of the negative situation and also resolves it at some point of time.
    • Negative Situations Open New Paths Of Success – Lastly and very importantly, when there is a negative situation that seems very difficult to overcome, we often move from our fixed types of thinking, present lifestyles and ways of working and bring about changes in all of them. This transformation often takes us on new paths and we overcome challenges with these new methods and thinking in our life. It is good to deeply realize that these paths open only because of the negative situation, which is there. They would not have opened if the negative situation did not exist, as we would not have thought of bringing changes in that case. Also, a very important dimension of this benefit is that sometimes the new paths stay with us for the rest of our lives, helping us at every step and constantly creating success in different spheres of life.

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Think and talk only about solutions

Think And Talk Only About Solutions

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