07th jan 23 soul sustenance

Break Free Of Approval Addiction

We are each unique individuals and so is our journey of life. Getting approval for who we are and what we do certainly feels nice, it tells us we are doing something right. But being a people-pleaser and constantly seeking validation makes us live in bondage, on other people’s terms. We ultimately waste our potential and feel emotionally drained. Start living as per your desires and your potential. Life is so much easier when you are not worried about what others think about you. Remind yourself – I am a wise being. I am not dependent on people’s validation or approval for my choices. It’s my life. I am free to choose what is right for me, not what people approve of.

Do you compromise on your choices, decisions, qualities or habits when someone you admire, does not like them? Is getting people’s approval a higher priority than doing what feels right for you? Not easy to recognize or admit, but some of our behaviours may reflect an approval addiction. The biggest traps most of us fall into, is trying to please people close to us. Who we are, what we do or what we have are, should always be our decision. We need not tweak our personality to gain someone else’s approval.       Let’s focus on living our values and do what feels right. We have all the answers within us. We only need to activate our intuition and follow our conscience. When we approve of our being and doing, we stop asking people to certify our worth. Otherwise our self-esteem crashes. And then, neither we nor others will respect us. You don’t need to copy anyone. Be yourself all the time. You don’t need people to approve of you, feel grateful for whoever shows you love or appreciation, but don’t seek approval. Care selflessly, help without conditions. You need nothing from anyone. Inculcate the art of remaining stable in appreciation and in criticism. Teach your mind not to seek external validation, to only remain focused on your purpose, goals and plans that make your life meaningful.

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