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Acceptance Is Strength, Not Weakness

When we go through a difficult life circumstance, people advise us to accept it the way it is. We feel acceptance is weakness, suppression or a form of giving up. In any situation, we have two options: accept it or resist it. Resistance means our mind questions scenes of life. Acceptance means this moment is as it is, we flow with it and we start working on the next scene..

    1. You are the creator of your own internal state. Meditate every morning and fill your mind with wisdom. This helps you remain calm and easy throughout the day, making acceptance easier.
    2. Begin with accepting yourself – no judgments, guilt, criticism about who you are and what you have in life. Be comfortable with your present self and be ready to transform.
    3. As the first step to accept people as they are, remind yourself – I am a pure being interacting with another pure being. So, the ego of gender, relationship, position, age and achievement will finish. The second step is to be aware that each person is different, they will be their way and beyond a certain point I cannot change them. I can only influence them positively.
    4. Acceptance of situations means, teach the mind to say – This is it, now what next instead of questioning – Why is this? Otherwise, if you get into why, what, when, how, then the mind keeps on creating waste thoughts. Putting full stops conserves your energy to face the situation.

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