08th jan 23 soul sustenance

Law Of Attraction - We Get What We Are

We may come across certain people (or even ourselves) who seem extremely deprived of love and affection, although they try very hard to gain acceptance from family or friends. They care for everyone but often left uncared for. Sometimes it is not just about being ignored, but they even attract the opposite quality of energies like anger, hatred, rejection, ridicule or disapproval. This happens when we suffer a severe lack of self-love or a low self-esteem. By radiating such vibrations, we invite or attract lack of love and respect from other people too, because we get the same energy as we give. Whether it is love, peace, or happiness, if we cannot give it to ourselves, nobody else can give it to us. It all starts from us and goes inside-out. The same happens when someone works very hard for success but repeatedly attracts failure. This is also directly related to quality of our subtle energy. Upon setting a goal, we need to journey towards it without creating a trace of negativity like fear or doubt. We fail more often due to fear of failure, rather than lacking what it takes to succeed. Even if we fail at a particular junction, we need to train the mind to progress positively towards the goal. When our vibrations are positive, more possibilities open up.

Each of us has eight spiritual powers. With meditation and regular spiritual studies, we need to increase the power to accept the self. What people think about us is not important. What we think about us means everything. Let us build our self esteem on our core values, not based on achievements or people’s acceptance. Similarly we need to increase our power to face so that our energies flow beyond fear and self-doubt. This power re-conditions the mind towards courage and hence we become successful in any aspect of life. The Law of Attraction comes into play in such scenarios. The law does not mean We Get What We Want, it actually means We Get What We Are. Our thoughts and words are what we are, these vibrate to the Universe and we get them back. What we are also includes our sanskars and karmic accounts, so what we get will depend on them too.

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