09th June – Soul Sustenance

Quality Recharging By Connecting With God (Part 1)

God is the most beautiful and highest Soul that exists and is like a sun of spiritual energy who radiates His qualities to the world constantly. We all remember Him not only because we love Him but also because we want to fill ourselves with His qualities and make ourselves perfect and beautiful. The more we remain with God in our thoughts and feelings and the more we experience His love at every step, the more we get filled with His qualities and we also become pure and divine, which is the highest purpose of any human soul. Also, we build a beautiful relationship with God when we understand His thoughts and feelings, which He conveys through His vibrations and words of wisdom throughout the day. The magnetic pull that God gives us an experience of, during the process of meditation, makes us an embodiment of the qualities He possesses and even makes us lighter and happier in every action of life.

God is an Ocean of 7 qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom and wants to make us also full of these 7 qualities. Although we cannot become an Ocean of these qualities like Him, He makes us a master Ocean of these qualities or His child with similar qualities. Before coming into this world, we souls were in the soul world and were full of these 7 qualities. As we came down on Earth and started taking many different births, slowly over a period of time, we lost these qualities and today we have these qualities, but to a much lesser extent as in the beginning, when we began our journey of different births. As time is progressing, the World Drama is entering its last phase, in which we should connect with God in different ways and do a quality recharging.

We will look at 5 different ways in which we can do this quality recharging in the next part of this message.