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5 Tips For Overcoming Mental Fatigue (Part 1)

We all require regular periods of silence and introversion in our fast lifestyle with busy days, where most of us, have a lot of actions to perform. So, a good question to ask oneself is that do I like a mind which is full of thoughts or do I like it with fewer thoughts and greater spaces between them. Once upon a time, there was a group of people travelling from one country to another on foot. They had great loads to carry on their backs and it was a tiring journey. By the time, they reached their destination, they had lost a lot of energy and their enthusiasm was at its lowest. Their task was to carry stuff from one place to another. Who would not like a life with lesser physical weight to carry? In the same manner, our emotional carriers are our minds which carry the weight of our thoughts. The fewer the thoughts and the lighter they are, the more our minds will be light and always enthusiastic. Let’s look at five techniques to keep our minds light and flying in joy always:

  1. Create One Thought At A Time – A mind which is anxious and full of fear thinks excessively and faster than what is required at that point of time. Also, such a mind sometimes creates negative and false future realities, which increase the number of thoughts, as it anticipates and then tries to solve non-existent problems that have not yet occurred, but the mind fears that they may occur. This is what we commonly negative thinking. On the other hand, positive thinking is the visualization of positive scenes for the future, with complete hope and determination. When we do this regularly in all types of situations, our mind slows down and every thought is like a little atom which sits inside the mind and keeps us relaxed, comfortable and free from any burdens.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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