10th April – Soul Sustenance

Suppressing Anger? Don’t Even Create It

Anger is not our original nature. By repeatedly being angry when situations are not our way, we make it an obvious reaction. We express it, deny it or at best suppress it. Anger has become chronic, but the good news is we can take a step-wise approach to first control and then finish it.

1. Anger is your choice, just as patience and peace. You don’t choose anger with authority figures or seniors but have given yourself the liberty to be angry at others. Practice meditation every morning to be patient with everyone.

2. Initially you may feel tempted to react, but do not express your anger. When you bring out anger, the other person reacts as well. And then you react further and so does the other person. The magnitude of anger multiplies.

3. Tell yourself – I am a powerful being. I understand they have a reason for what they did. I use patience and acceptance with them to protect myself and empower them. It is not suppression, but when you finish anger outside, gradually it finishes inside as well.

4. Identify one person to give corrections with vibrations of acceptance, understanding and calmness. Notice how your inner stability benefits you and them. Once you can choose patience with one person, repeat the same with 2 more people tomorrow, and then so on.

Pic Courtesy : Mohamed Abdelgaffer from pexels