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The Spiritual Essence Of Raksha Bandhan (Part 2)

Purity And Protection Of The Self

We are living a life of external dependency as we often blame people and situations for how we are feeling. Our vocabulary is – I am angry because of … I am happy because … my work is stressful … they hurt me … they are irritating … and so on. Every such thought is reaffirming that we are ruled and controlled by scenes of life. We keep saying I cannot do without or I cannot live without or It’s not in my control, which reveals our dependency on people, substances, objects and technology. The more we become dependent, the more we will look for peace, love, happiness and power in achievements, people, places and possessions. The more we look outside, the more stress, aggression, hurt, expectations, jealousy and insecurity we will create.

We need protection from these bondages of emotional dependencies, attachments, attractions, addictions and expectations. The protection can come only by connecting to God or the Supreme Being, emerging the purity and power within, and making happiness and love a way of life. Independence means taking my own personal responsibility – I am the creator of my thoughts, words and behaviour. I create my calmness, acceptance, compassion and kindness. As the creator, I have the choice of how to respond correctly to every situation.

As we know, the rituals of Raksha Bandhan involve greeting each other, applying tilak, tying the divine Rakhi, offering sweets and sharing gifts. But only when we imbibe the significance of all that we do, the true essence of Raksha Bandhan can be experienced in life.

In tomorrow’s message we will see the spiritual significance of every ritual of Raksha Bandhan.


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పోటీ పడటం మానండి… ఈ క్షణాన్ని ఆస్వాదించండి (పార్ట్ 2)

సంతోషం మరియు విజయం వాస్తవానికి పరస్పరం ముడిపడి ఉంటాయి. ఆ రెండు ఒక సాధారణ అంశాన్ని పంచుకుంటాయి – వాటిని అనుసరించలేము. మనం ఆత్మిక స్థితిని అభ్యసిస్తే, విజయం మరియు సంతోషం  రెండింటినీ సాధించిన

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