10th Jul – Soul Sustenance

People Don’t Intentionally Harm Us

People do not intentionally want to hurt us. Their behaviour through their nature and habits are what comes naturally to them. At times, people can betray, lie, reject or ignore us and it can leave us hurt and bitter. But they are not doing it intentionally. They are in pain themselves and are projecting their chaotic inner world on to us.

1. When someone is not being right to you, it could be more to do with what they are going through, and less about you. However, reflect if you have been right towards them not just in your words and behaviors, but in your thoughts too.

2. People might be hurting within due to their unhealed emotional wounds. At some point in their life they have experienced insecurity, jealousy, fear or anger. They are internally bruised and are victims to these feelings.

3. Someone who harms you is a pure being too but has temporarily drifted from their original qualities of peace and love. Remain stable. Once you see the pain behind their behaviour, accept it as a fact that exists, rather than a problem to tolerate.

4. Correcting people means being compassionate. Meditate every morning to shift your tendencies from control, discipline or authority … to being a facilitator, guide and a counsellor.

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