10th June – Soul Sustenance

Quality Recharging By Connecting With God (Part 2)

1. Begin Your Day With A Close Meeting With God – During the early morning hours, when nature is silent and pure and human beings are quiet and detached from their physical existence, experience yourself as a soul and enter the soul world and float in it, touching and absorbing the pure vibrations of God. These vibrations will fill you with God’s 7 qualities.

2. Imbibe God’s Wisdom In Your Heart – After meditating in the early morning and getting ready after that, read or listen to God’s wisdom with a fresh mind and body and imbibe every word in your heart and feel that God – the Supreme Teacher is teaching me with immense love. This will inspire you to fill every thought, word and action in the day with His qualities.

3. Add A Spiritual Vibration To Every Action – A very beautiful way of feeling and experiencing God’s qualities and making them your sanskars, is to add a pure and divine vibration to every action, by remembering God before beginning any action, feeling His presence and taking His guidance during the action and thanking God after finishing the action.

4. Make A Quality Chart And Follow It The Entire Day – Every morning as you make a meeting with God, share with God a quality chart for the day. In the quality chart, depending on the day’s timetable for your actions and the people and situations you are expecting to meet and come across, write in your mind or visualize, how will you bring the 7 qualities of God in every action.

5. Share The Wisdom And Qualities Of God With Others – To experience God’s qualities in every action and do a quality recharging, share whatever you know and learn from God everyday with others and bring others closer to God. Also give others an experience of God’s qualities through your face and smile full of divinity and every beautiful word and action.