10th May – Soul Sustenance

Am I Good God’s Child?

We are all God’s beautiful children and each one of us has many unique specialities, which we are blessed with. God is our eternal spiritual father and mother, who is an ocean of wisdom, qualities and powers. We have a beautiful relationship with God and the relationship is full of deep love and regard for Him. God is with us at every moment of our life. Although we cannot see Him with our physical eyes, we can feel and experience Him with our mind and intellect. A very important aspect of a close and loving relationship with God is being a good child of God’s. Let’s look at 6 things that should be there in good God’s children and check ourselves

1. They will be full of the goodness that is there in God and will radiate that goodness to each and everyone.

2. Good God’s children will begin the day by remembering God and reading or listening to His spiritual wisdom. Whatever they experience in a relationship with God, they will share with others.

3. A beautiful characteristic of perfect God’s children is truthfulness in their relationship with God. They will never do anything that God does not like or does not agree with.

4. Also, such children will always be busy in fulfilling different positive purposes that God has given them like – giving happiness to each and everyone, bringing everyone close to God and creating a positive unity in the world based on spiritual brotherhood.

5. Nice and obedient God’s children will make positive changes in the self that God tells them to make and remove all negative personality traits from themselves.

6. Lastly, good God’s children will be very humble and connected to God and remember at every step of life that if they are determined, God will help them always and they will never give up.