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The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 2)

Children should also be made to experience the closeness with nature at a tender age, so that they can observe life in a very basic way. When we look around the people we know, we see people from all kinds of different backgrounds who followed various different paths through life. They all ended up as wonderful and knowledgeful people, fulfilled in different ways and to different extents. Similarly, we should let our children have the same freedom to create their own path through life. Children should also be taught to question everything, but not with a sense of suspicion. They should also be taught to trust naturally. Love, openness and meditativeness, as virtues in parents, can give powerful vibrations to children, to help them enrich their inner potential.

Also, children must learn to take matters of physical and mental health seriously. They should learn to cherish their minds and bodies and to take responsibility for maintaining them. How they see their every personal action is related to how they treat the external environment. The role of a parent, therefore, becomes of a coach, giving everything they can, to help them off the field, so that they can run the best race possible. As a parent, it’s hard not to feel sometimes, as though you are being assessed along with your children. Therefore at times we make decisions based on how it makes us look, rather than how it makes our children feel, which is wrong and we should take care that it does not happen.

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దేవి దేవతల 5 అర్హతలు

కలియుగం (ఇనుప యుగం) చివరిలో మరియు సత్యయుగం (స్వర్ణయుగం) ప్రారంభానికి ముందు, మానవాళికి రాత్రి మరియు మానవాళికి పగలు మధ్య ఉన్న ప్రస్తుత సంగమయుగంలో భగవంతుడు మానవులను దేవీ దేవతలుగా మారుస్తున్నారు. దేవీ దేవతలకు

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