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5 Tips For Overcoming Mental Fatigue (Part 2)

  1. Think Of Others Only When Necessary – A common habit that we all have is to think of others even when it is not necessary and important. Suppose a person in your office is not performing well and upto his necessary capacity and his work efficiency directly influences your company’s performance, a common response would be to correct him and also talk about his work to the right people in the company. Once you have done that, should you think about him negatively each time you see him or should you keep talking about him negatively to each and every person in the company, which is called waste or unnecessary talk. There are so many such people in our lives. If we carry heavy thoughts filled with negativity about each family member, friend and office colleague, will it not be tiring? So apply the full stop, give up the unnecessary question marks and also exclamation marks in your thoughts. Keep your thoughts less and replace negative thoughts about others with thoughts about their specialties, qualities and skills as well as positive personality characteristics, so that you do not get tired and experience mental fatigue.
  2. Give Up Your Ego And Live Freely – A very big weight that some of us are carrying on our emotional heads or minds is of our subtle ego. This morning my colleague at my college or at my workplace commented negatively on my dress I was wearing. She commented and I did not see her the entire day after that, but I carry her comment in my mind and heart as if it was the biggest insult that I ever received from anyone. Where there is excessive ego, there is immense feeling of insult. Why? Because I am too attached to my positive self-image and I cannot tolerate anyone disrespecting the image even a little bit. So be sweet, humble and kind – the one who does not get negatively affected by people’s comments and loves everyone inspite of that. Bow down and be humble and your excessive thoughts of feeling insulted in your everyday interactions will stop and keep your mind light.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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